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Last Year’s Lessons; This Year’s Blessings

“I cried a lot in 2017. I hit some of my lowest points in 2017 but all the negativity has been channeled into my renewed positive and strong attitude and I am ready to conquer 2018”. 

– Prinny Rae, 2018


Everyone starts the year saying new year new me, but you have to ask yourself have you really identified what it is you are going to change this year to make yourself new!? 

Often we spend a lot of time looking ahead thinking what we want to achieve but we rarely retrospectively reflect on why we didn’t reach the level we thought we would the previous year. What the mistakes we made were and how we are going to overcome so we can be a better version of ourselves this year!?

I could say I have a lot of regrets about 2017, but in the spirit of being optimistic I’ve decided to learn from these things and channel them into making 2018 one of the best years of my adult life to date. Can I get an AMEN!?



In 2017 I gave a lot of energy to temporary situations which were not bringing me much joy – speaking both on romantic relationships and friendships. I felt as though my energy was being drained trying to make others happy and I neglected my own happiness and wellbeing. 

I literally feel sick at the amount of time I wasted last year thinking about situations and people who didn’t care about me half as much as I cared for them. As sad as it all may have been I have identified the main issue – I AM A SELFLESS LOVER! 

I’m not saying this year I am going to completely change that part of my character but I will choose to discern genuine intentions from others a lot earlier so not to get my heart caught up in situations that are not for me! 

This year is about channeling my energy into things that build me up and not bring me down. I definitely have a better sense of what I am looking for and what I will not put up with. 




The breakthrough I made last year in the workplace was a really necessary and pivotal point for me! So I started 2017 still working in a job that I absolutely hated. I kept it to myself most of the time because I didn’t want to burden people with my problems. I won’t bore you with the details but although I was working at a globally recognised corporate company I did not feel intrinsically fulfilled in my role. I felt as though I wasn’t learning and developing my skills at the rate I would have liked and I felt undervalued. 

I regret not leaving the job sooner. I stayed at the company for 1 year and 10 months – 1 year and 7 months too long because I knew about 3 months in that it wasn’t for me. I ultimately regret not making the most out of the situation earlier in the role. A few months before I left I decided to change my perspective. Rather than feeling low and annoyed about how much I didn’t like my job I started redefining my role and doing things that I found interesting which were not completely part of the scope of my role. 

Changing my attitude and approach towards work is what has enabled me to be so successful in my new role only 7 months in. I am currently in a new role that I absolutely love at the moment. I feel challenged, motivated and driven to do my absolute best. The lesson I learnt in 2017 is driving how I am currently shaping my role and my career. 




Stresses relating to work and relationships are ultimately what caused my inconsistency with blogging and other entrepreneurial projects I had been working on. I lacked motivation and inspiration for the most part. 

Now that I have got both things in check I am in a better space to be more consistent with blogging and I can’t wait to share some exciting things I have been working on!

Hope I’ve saved a soul or two with this post. Let me know what your lessons from 2017 are and how you are going to channel them into making 2018 more amazing! 

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