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Bye bye heat damage 

This is a well overdue hair update!

For the last few months I haven’t known what to do about my hair. I gave myself a trim, which I felt wasn’t enough because (as shown in my Natural Hair Journey Post) I had a lot of heat damage at the back and front of my hair from straightening my hair.

Because of this it was difficult for me to try natural hair styles even if I wanted to because there would always be random straight bits that didn’t match the natural texture of my hair.

I am happy to say that I am now dedicated to co-washing my hair weekly and I have already seen a difference in the state of my hair. This morning, during my weekly wash, I decided to be bold and get rid of my damaged ends that have been holding me hostage!

I feel so good and I went out today with my very first wash and go. I look forward to trying new things and finding a wash and go routine that works for me.


I co-wash my hair with the Argon Oil conditioner and then deep condition for a few hours with the Olive Oil Deep Conditioner


Leave a comment with any products you would recommend for the perfect wash and go!

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