Boujie On A Budget

I am a member of the “Fashion Is Life” crew but I can not come and bankrupt and kill myself in the name of fashion. In the fast fashion era where trends change every fortnight, you can feel under pressure to spend money on items just to stay on trend. 

I don’t have all the answers but here are a few tips for shopping on a budget – but not looking budget of course! 


Plan Ahead

If given the opportunity I could spend all my lunch money and savings on clothes, shoes and bags but I have to be disciplined. Slight nerdy moment, but I manage my financial budget very tightly. A week before pay day I map out how much I’m going to save and all my expenses for the month (including fixed bills, and other expenses I know I will have for that month). From this I can then determine what my disposable income actually is and then I can allocate my shopping budget. I would be lying if I said I stick to it all the time but it is always good to keep in mind what I can actually afford to be spending my money on. 


Be Selective 

When shopping, especially online, you should take your time! Don’t panic buy without really looking at the items you are purchasing. I always make sure I watch the catwalk videos on all outfits because some outfits look great on the model in the photo but when you see the material in motion it just looks very cheap and tacky! Quality of the material makes a big difference especially for high street/affordable items. My instagram is all about making affordable items look luxury, and this is because I am very selective with the items I select!




I am the queen of online window shopping! I can spend hours online looking through items but rather than buying everything, I put my maybe/definite items into my wishlist on the retailers website. Then when payday comes around and I have my allocated clothes budget, I’ll go through the wishlist for my favourite sites and buy the items that I actually still like on a second look. Not only does this stop impulse purchasing but it makes you reassess whether you actually still want/need the item. 


Store Apps

So you can manage your wishlist online or you can download apps for your favourite stores. The great thing about having the app is that many company’s offer exclusive discounts and secret sales to app users. Therefore you can secure your wishlist items with additional discount! 



Outlets and Sample Sales

My go to online websites for discounted designer products are Net-a-Porter, The Outnet, Farfetch, Matches Fashion and Zalando

In addition, TK Maxx it probably one of my favourite outlet stores to go to for quirky cheap designer shoes and sunglasses. Depending on what store you go to you can also get fairly priced designer denim. In the past I have bought J Brand and True Religion Jeans for around £30! My favourite TK Maxx store is in Hatfield. I recently noticed that the online site isn’t too bad either! 

Keep up to date with the latest London sample sales here at Sample Sale Guide.

I’ve bought many designer items from sample sales including Mulberry & Versace bags. 


Spend Big On Statement Pieces

This is my final but most important tip. As a lover of statement pieces, I would rather buy a killer shoe, jacket or bag than anything else. These items can be paired with my staple items like jeans, skirts, basic tees etc. – and will make any basic outfit look BOUJIE! 


Remember that being Boujie and looking expensive is a state of mind!

No matter what your budget is xoxo 


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  1. August 14, 2019 / 8:56 pm

    Sis I loved this , I’m definitely gonna be taking tips from this as I am guilty of impulse buying !!

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