Disconnect to Reconnect

IMG_0710_Facetune_20-02-2019-23-56-53So last month I went back to my homeland Sierra Leone and it was a trip that I never knew I needed! [For those of you who don’t know I am from Sierra Leone and Nigeria]

Sierra Leone is a country I love with all my heart. Not only because it is where I am from, but because when I am there I feel like MYSELF in a way that I cannot put into words. Years back, when I was younger and I would go there on holiday, I would always have life changing revelations on what to do when I get back to London. The main reason for this was because pre-2011 who knew what data roaming was – LOL!

For me to be connected online with my friends I would need to jump through hoops to gain internet access, which was definitely more hassle than it was worth.

Living in a time where we are constantly connected online to everyone and everything, we often take for granted the bliss that can be found in a simple disconnected life.

During my recent trip, I wanted to recreate this experience of when I was younger and didn’t have a phone to constantly connect me to my life in London – so I decided to switch off for the entire week! Zero to no connection to life outside Freetown!




Here are a few of my reflections on this experience:

Being present is priceless

Living in a world where your phone is almost like an organ, it’s very normal for you to be in the presence of others yet not be present because you are consumed with what is or is not happening on your phone. Spending a week engaging in conversations was really good. Being able to express my opinions, thoughts and feelings fluidly and naturally all day every day was great!

Time is a hot commodity

Having time to think and reflect about my life is just what I needed. I was able to put a lot of things into perspective! After this holiday I may go M.I.A more often because I really want to spend my time focusing on things that are important to me and muting out all the other nonsense that just wastes my time and drains my energy


Family had always been really important to me but recently it has dawned on me that in addition to the love and loyalty I show to my family I also need to go to extra mile to make sure that my connections with my family members is strong. I never want to have a “Ooooh it’s been such a long time, how have you been’ conversation with anyone in my family again!



Disconnecting in order to reconnect with myself and those around me was definitely one of the best things I have done. I’ve been back in London for a few weeks and I can go hours without communicating with people through my phone. This has given me more time to focus on myself and all the things I need to do.


Have you ever tried this while on holiday? If not, I would recommend it! xo

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