Last Min Valentines Date Ideas

It’s Valentines day and you still haven’t organised a date night? Well our lucky friends, we have come to bless you (yet again) with some cool date night ideas to really get those feelings flowing. It can be boring doing the same old dinner idea so we’ve come up with some alternative date ideas which you could book and treat your loved one too last min! We hope this helps.

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  • Ice Skating – Believe it or not but there is still an ice rink open in Canary Wharf, where you skate under the tall buildings. And luckily they currently have 15% off skating and 50% off drinks at the bar! BONUS!! And of course there are lots of lovely restaurants about if you do get a little peckish after.
  • Museum– London is filled with museums, and the best part is that they are all free! So why not have a little wonder about instead this year and take your other half to look at some beautiful paintings, and discover some new history 😉
  • Secret Bar– The new craze around London are the cool secret bars, hidden behind a toiler door. Just as your date thinks you’ve take then somewhere basic they’re surprised with a cool hidden bar. There are so many around so give google a little ask, but of course we have linked one for you too.
  • Bowling – Nothing beats a night of classic bowling and some drinks! Let’s bring the fun back into dating.
  • Crazy Golf – Enjoy a lovely night with some healthy competition, delicious cocktails and most importantly fun with your loved one.

This isn’t a huge list, but it is literally the day, so these are great last minute ideas you can plan without your other half knowing you booked them today :p

We hope you all have a day filled with love, and cherish these special moments with your loved ones!

Prinny and Amber x

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