The Tale of Hair Growth & An Egg



After recently releasing a video on my Youtube Channel (Watch Here) about how my hair grew very quickly in three months I briefly spoke about a treatment that has really changed the game for my hair care routine.

I thought it would be best to dedicate a post to discussing the benefits of the egg, and how incorporating this into your hair routine will do you wonders. Protein treatments are very good for the hair and eggs are packed with protein! Protein helps to strengthen hair and the treatments are used to help repair damage by filling in the hair shaft and giving it added strength. Of course because hair is 70% protein, such treatments are necessary and beneficial.

Egg has been known to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth as it contains proteins, minerals and B-complex vitamins which are essential hair nutrients. They work together to strengthen the roots of your hair as well as stimulating new growth, adding volume and thickness in the process.



Egg whites have the highest source of protein in an egg. It also contains other key minerals which are beneficial for those with oily hair. It helps to control oil production while nourishing your hair.

The yolk is still protein rich yet lesser than egg whites. However  the yolk is more conditioning than the egg white. It is rich in lutein, and this antioxidant helps improve the scalp condition improving hair elasticity and hydration.

There is obviously no harm in whipping up the whole egg and getting the best of both!



Egg & Olive Oil

Olive oil is rich in vitamins A, E and antioxidants which help protects the keratin in hair and seals in moisture. 

Egg & Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise contains some healthy hair ingredients such as egg yolks, vinegar and oils which work together to nourish and moisturise hair. 

Egg, Milk & Honey

Honey has super moisturising powers and also helps to strengthen hair follicles for healthy growth. 

Whichever combination you choose to use, be sure to adjust the consistency according to your need. Leave the mixture on your hair for 30mins-1hour before washing out. Wash the mixture out using cold/luke warm water as you wouldn’t want the egg to start cooking in your hair!


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I can say after conditioning my hair with egg, mayonnaise and olive oil I noticed a significant difference in my hair after one treatment and a protective style. Not only was it longer, but it was much thicker and fuller. I have recently trimmed my hair as I had really bad split ends which had to go! But as I’m sure you can tell from the picture above, my hair is a lot fuller now than it was before. The two pictures were taken 3 months apart!

I will keep a log of my hair progress and will keep you guys updated monthly, sharing new tips as I explore different ways to take care of my hair.

Hope you have found this post useful. As always drop me a comment with your experiences and any suggestions you may have xo


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