Saving Lunch Money In The City.

This summer, I managed to get myself a temping job working for a property/architect firm in the city. This was my first insight into city life, and I feel that I fitted in quite well.

As you all know, the city comes hand in hand with billions of very overpriced restaurants and takeaway places. You are literally surrounded. It very easy to spend at least £5-£7 every morning on coffee and breakfast, and between £10-£15 on lunch everyday.

Now this was just something I simply could not afford to do, so packed lunch was my only option. Now I know the thought of packed lunch sounds very boring, but in all honestly it doesn’t have to be. Take advantage of the office kitchen, and make yourself yummy, bigger lunches for half the price.

Below I’m going to note down some breakfast and lunch ideas for all you city boys and gals to try out.


Now if you are able to eat at your desk this should be really easy. Buy your self a carton of cereal or porridge at the start of the week, and keep it at your desk or in the kitchen cupboards. Having the same cereal for weeks on end can be boring so switch it up a bit, try something new. You can actually now afford that super expensive cereal, because you’ll be saving yourself £25! And if you want to save even more..why don’t you go for super market own brands. I personally LOVE Tesco’s own fruit and fibre, I genuinely cannot taste the difference 🙂

Some ideas for porridge ingredients:porridge

  1. Oats+ 1 banana+ honey
  2. Oats+ 1 banana+ peanut butter + honey + cinnamon
  3. Oats +blueberries+ honey
  4. Oats + any flavoured jam



If you are lucky enough (as I was) to have a toaster in your office kitchen, then bread can be just as exciting. Each week treat yourself to a different type of bread: sliced bread, various bagels, sourdough bread, ciabatta. If you’re plain Jane like myself just go for butter and jam, or there are several other toppings aswell:

  1. Toast + peanut butter +honey +bananaavo
  2. Toast + butter +sliced cheese
  3. Toast + Avocado + tomato
  4. Toast + cream cheese + pesto



Onto the lunches. Now this takes some preparation, but if you are as lazy as me, and I still manage to make packed lunch everyday, then you have no excuse. So firstly we have the easiest first options, dinner left overs, put ’em in a Tupperware box and just whack it in the microwave. (preparation for this can be done just before you leave the house). However I like to have mini breakfast for my lunch. As soon as I wake up I put eggs onto boil, by the time I’m finished in the shower they’ re ready. I then pop a handful of cherry tomato’s, a bit of cucumber and a cube of cheddar cheese into a container, with either 2 slices of toast or pita bread. At lunch I toast and butter my bread, cut up my tomato’s and cucumber, squeeze some lemon on them and salt them. I also always have a jar of olives in the work fridge, I have a couple of those as well. My  plate generally looks like this:


I really enjoy this lunch, its simple, easy to prepare, healthy, and you would be amazed how filling it is. You can add so much more to this plate as well. For example you could have avocado, change-up the type of cheese (if it’s not cheddar it’s either brie or feta for me). You can add lettuce leaves or spinach, carrot sticks, dollop of humus; you get the drift.

Doesn’t take long to prepare either, if you buy all the ingredients and store them in the work fridge, all you gotta do is boil ya eggs!!But this is my ultimate go to lunch, and I would not change it for the world!

Other examples of simple, easy to prep lunches are soups. If you cook your self a big pot of soup on a Sunday night, (this could be lentil, chicken, vege) each day you can take a tub to work, toast some bread, and voila..a nice warm healthy lunch.

I’ve realised whilst writing this post that I don’t actually have as many ideas for lunch as I do for breakfast, I  guess I was just trying to share what I eat :p But I do hope that what I have written has been of inspiration to you all, and that you are able to start saving those pennies.

If you also make packed lunch for work and have some fab lunch ideas, please do let me know! I love trying and exploring different meals 🙂

Over and Out x


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  1. Itricia nefertiti
    August 29, 2017 / 10:48 am

    Love this, I think it applies to all city workers! Temps, contractors and perms (no matter how much we city workers earn) who doesn’t want to save money!!! I’d rather go Monaco with the money saved than buy lunch in the city. Thanks a million – great post x

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