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My hair has been natural for three years and man has it been a rollercoaster! A very love hate relationship but I am happy to say that I am back on track and focusing on health over length. My obsession with length led me to do to drastic things such as:

  • Straightening my hair to the point where it was damaged and started breaking.
  • Taking hairfinity and similar alternatives which only led to me becoming a hairy mess everywhere else but on my head *face palm*

My hair has come a long way from when I cut all my damaged ends off last year and I am here to share my tips and bless my natural sisters who do not have energy to do the MOST on wash day. Using these simple products and adopting a few of these tips and tricks will help you focus on healthy full hair which actually grows the way you want it to.



  1. The Night Before. I start my routine the night before I want to wash my hair by finger detangling, parting my hair into 4 sections and drenching it in COCONUT OIL. I braid each section and cover my hair in a shower cap and go to sleep. The shower cap is a major key – it helps lock in all the moisture! 
  2. Wash. Using TRESSEME LUXURIOUS MOISTURE SHAMPOO I wash each braided section individually. I unbraid the hair, pour luke warm water on it and work a small portion of shampoo into the hair.
  3. Co-Wash. After washing the section I apply CANTU COMPLETE CONDITIONING CO-WASH, rebraid the section of move on to the other sections.
  4. Final Rinse. I leave the CANTU product in my hair for about 15 minutes then unbraid each section and do a final rinse.

I typically air dry my hair but today I decided to blow dry it using AFRICA’S BEST ULTIMATE HERBAL OIL before applying heat.



  1. Avoid combing your hair. My friends think I am crazy but I can count the number of times I have combed my hair in the last few months on one hand. Rather than combing I use my fingers to detangle my hair and coconut oil to soften the hair during this process. I have found that my hair breaks less using this method.
  2. Trim, trim, trim. Don’t be scared of snipping your hair – your hair WILL grow faster! Don’t hold onto scraggly ends just for the sake of length because in the long run your hair will break faster than it grows and you essentially will get nowhere. Dust your ends (a mini trim) every two weeks and do a major trim every 3-6 months.


Please share any natural hair tips and tricks you may have in the comments xo




  1. woeful2016
    August 30, 2017 / 10:57 am

    Is dusting your ends more for people who just want to maintain healthy hair? It seems counter productive to people who are also after length as well as healthy hair. Love your hair btw x

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