Being A Confident Girl



Although I am not as confident as I strive to be, there was a time where my confidence was very low.

Growing up in the time where being dark skinned was not revered, therefore being dark skinned, skinny, with braces, glasses, big teeth and a big forehead was a recipe for disaster and made me live in a state where I was insecure and constantly compared myself to people.

Fast forward 10+ years and I can tell you it has been a long journey but I can unapologetically say with every part of my chest that I am and wouldn’t want to be anyone other than myself.

For anyone dealing with insecurities or not feeling confident, let me leave these little jewels with you.

  1. Comparison is the thief of joy! Do not compare yourself to others because nothing good ever comes of it. Instead you should just focus on yourself, the things you would like to work on, change and enhance. But finding your inner confidence is not necessarily about changing things about yourself so let’s move on to point #2.
  2. Love yourself first! I legitimately look in the mirror at least twice a week and say to myself things like “Damn you are so damn gorgeous P. The Lord made no mistakes with you”. Don’t wait for the man of the moment to tell you that you’re beautiful, because if you yourself don’t believe it, those words will not do anything for you
  3. Embrace and own your flaws! I can accept that I am not perfect and I have learnt to embrace the things I deem to be flaws and I own them. There is nothing anyone can tell me about my physical look that can bring me down, because I do not compare myself to others (point #1) and I love myself more than anyone can (point #2) – do you see where I’m going with this!? 😉 .

I am not an expert but I really hope this helps or at least puts a smile on your face.


Prinny Rae xo


Outfit Details: 
Top: Missguided
Trousers: Zara
Shoes: Arezzo
Bag: Mulberry



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