Being Single On Valentines Day

In the run up to one of the most hyped up and commercialised days of the year, we thought we would write a post about dealing with being single on a day that can be bittersweet for many.

Valentines day is the day for lovers. For some it is an amazing day to feel appreciated and show appreciation for your partner. For others it is a day where they are reminded of the fact that they are single – and if their single status is something they are not happy about then this day can be like pouring kerosine on a burning log of wood.


Like many people, we both have experience of being single on Valentines day and we wanted to share some words of encouragement and spread some love.

Prinny’s view

The only way to get through this day if you are single is to focus on self love! The fact that you are single does not define you and it does not define your worth!

It’s easy for me to say that because I am in a better place, my confidence is sky high and I am very happy, so whether I am single or with someone, valentines day is no longer a big deal for me. But here are some tips on how to get through the day:

  1. Waiting for someone to wish you happy valentines day!? Why not send a message to all your loved ones – friends and family. You not only may be saving a life but sprinkling a bit of joy into someones life, but it also may make you smile.
  2. Don’t stay home wallowing in self pity. Why not hook up with a few of your other single mates. Go out for drinks, or go out to eat (and drink). The only tears you should be crying are those caused by excessive laughter.
  3. Look your best! Whatever you do or wherever you decide to go, make sure your makeup is on fleek! I’m a firm believer in ‘You feel how you look’. I always find that I am in a better mood when I look my best. You never know you may meet someone who might decide to take you out over the weekend.
  4. Most importantly this is the perfect time to reflect. If you are single, and have been for a long time and you are fed up of this position it may be time to ask yourself why you are single. We are all human with good traits and bad traits. I’m not trying to suggest that being single is self inflicted, however there are things that we all need to work on in ourselves to become better people and move forward in
Amber’s View

Prinny has pretty covered everything but i want you all to remember the meaning of this day. LOVE. This doesn’t just mean with a partner but with everything and for everyone in. The love for your hobbies, friends, family and most importantly YOURSELF! No one can show you love more than showing yourself love. It’s a day for loving and treating yourself. So yes go and buy that really expensive camera, book that holiday with the girls. ┬áMake the most of making yourself happy and showing yourself love.

Have an amazing day!

Prinny & Amber xo


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