Tips to grow Healthy Hair Fast!

In December 2015, I decided to go for (in my eyes) the big chop. My hair had been growing unhealthily for about 3/4 years prior to this. My ends were so bad, they wouldn’t even straighten properly when I would attempt to straighten my hair.

So as the new year was fast approaching,  I decided that I would chop off all my broken ends, which happened to be half of my hair!!

I promised myself that I would look after my hair, and treat it often. And you can now see the result for yourself, with a short timeline of my hair growth.


And here is my 14 Month Update 😀


How I took/take care of my hair:

  1. Spritz my hair with water, oil it and style. Instead of brushing it out whilst dry and ripping my hair out.
  2. Not using heat on my hair often. I only straightened my hair a handful of times throughout the 14 months, and I very rarely use a hair dryer to dry my hair.
  3. Brushing my hair in the shower, whilst in conditioner.
  4. ALWAYS ALWAYS oiling my hair after it’s been washed.
  5. Not washing my hair too often.
  6. Deep conditioning my hair every couple of months.

I hope this has been helpful, Here is the Youtube Link to my video of how I look after my hair!


Let me know about your hair journeys, and what you found did or didn’t help!








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