The much talked about L’oreal true match foundation, unfortunately, wasn’t my true match!

This review is not just about the shade not being a true match, but more generally the foundation altogether just doesn’t work for me.


Below are a few points as to why.
  • The foundation is very runny: I literally have to scoop it as soon as I pump it on to my hand, otherwise it will just drip everywhere.
  • It has sparkly undertones: this is very annoying, as it makes my face look like my highlighter has gone wrong.
  • Pale and Matte: although it has sparkly tones, the foundation is also very matte, leaving my face looking lifeless and pale.
  • Durability: unless used with a powder on top, the foundation seems to fade during the day.
  • Coverage: due to the thinness of the foundation, the coverage is very low, resulting in me having to use two foundations.


Having said all of this, I do still use the foundation. Mainly because I’m patiently waiting for student loan, so that I can be blessed again with my usual Bobbi Brown foundation. It works fine for a daytime wear and to Uni, as it isn’t too heavy and I can apply it very quickly. But this isn’t really out of choice.

Just to note that I haven’t written this review to dishearten you, because this foundation may indeed be what you are looking for, but I would 100% recommend you using a tester first before purchasing, just to make sure it is what your skin and you require.


Hope this was helpful to you all!


Amber Leaux.
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