London Dining 005

Name: Burger and Lobster

Location: West India Quay

Price: ££

So last night I dined at the infamous Burger and Lobster in West India Quay. I had heard a lot about it through the social media buzz and was quite exciting to go when I was invited.

It is a shame to say that it didn’t live up to my expectations and I was underwhelmed to say the least.

What I ate

The original lobster (700 grams) served with chips and salad


My rational was that because I can have a burger anywhere at any time, I may as well order the Lobster (especially because I wasn’t paying so I know I wouldn’t feel bad if I didn’t like it).

Upon reflection this was a bad approach and I should stay in my comfort zone and stop taking risks when I go out to eat. The waitress claimed that half my lobster was steamed and the other half was grilled, but I’m pretty sure the whole thing was steamed – which I did not like.

I somehow managed to forget that I am not a fan of lobster but was sadly reminded after taking the first bite.


Despite the lobster the chips and side salad were nice!

The dessert was very interesting – it was my first deconstructed cheesecake (which I call an upside down cheesecake), and I liked it because my favourite part was at the top!


There didn’t seem to be many options on the menu, and I’m not sure whether this is specific to the location or reflective of the chain’s menu as a whole. I love ordering sides and having the option to pick and choose things which I didn’t have the opportunity to do.

I probably won’t be going back, but if I do I will definitely order a burger next time.

P.S. Only order the lobster if you are a confident lobster eater and also comfortable with the people you are around. Definitely can get awkward!


Prinny Rae x 


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