4 Step Curly Hair Routine.

I have always always found it difficult to find straight forward curly hair routines on youtube. I’m quite inquisitive when it comes to my curls, so I like to see how others treat there’s and what type of products they use.

But what I always found were American you-tuber’s who used a million different products and spend ages putting all of these products, using diffusers etc etc. Which, when I was younger was really difficult for me to get a hand of.

I’ve now taken it upon myself to help all those beautiful curly haired ladies in the U.K, and show them an easy and cheap way of gaining the looks seen across social media.

Step 1: Wash your hair

  • I tend to shampoo my roots only, and do this twice
  • Conditions ends only and tie up! After i’ve finished doing whatever in the shower, I take my hair out and brush it through.
  • When i rinse, I don’t fully rinse it through I leave some conditioner in my hair

Step 2: Dry 

  • I tend to just ruffle my hair in a towel a couple of times. Very straight forward .

Step 3: Oil

  • Split hair into two, oil the ends, and then move towards the roots.
  • My ends get especially dry so i like to concentrate on that area the most, so I put more product on the ends of my hair and less on the top.

Step 4: Style

  • Style your hair as you please 🙂



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