How do you store your important dates?

The other day, Gee asked how she should store dates..and both myself and Princess had different ways of storing important dates and events. Princess uses the calendar on her iPhone, where as I like to use a diary.

I haven’t always been a diary girl. I used to keep everything in my mind but realised that I was always double booking myself, and forgetting specific dates, birthdays etc.

It was around my birthday in last October where I came face to face with one of my first diaries. It was on sale in Cath Kidston,

and was an academic diary which I was used to from using them during my secondary school years. Also being the huge Cathy fan that I am, I just had to buy it.

This is going to sound so dramatic but it literally changed my life around.

Being the size that it is, it allowed me to write multiple things in one date, it allows me to note down assignments, work times, driving lessons etc.

If you are somebody like me, who needs to see things in a large space, then I highly recommend investing in a dairy. I was unable to use the iPhone calendar because it was so confusing, call me old fashioned but i just didn’t like and couldn’t use the technology behind it aha.

Unfortunately Cath Kidston has stopped making their academic diaries, so I have resulted to buying my 16/17 diary from Paperchase. They too sell academic diaries, or yearly diaries  depending on what you prefer. As you can see I stuck with the floral print. The inside of the Paperchase one is slightly different but still does the job.

What are your thoughts on storing information, do you guys have any other ways of how you store information to remember it?



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