First girl’s holiday.

When you hear ‘first holiday’ your mind automatically thinks about places like Magaluf, Ayia Napa and Ibiza.

This was not the case for me and my two closest friends. This year after our A-levels, they had decided to take a trip to Igrane in Croatia, which I then also joined in on.

Igrane is a small island a couple hours from the city Split, hidden amongst mountain, antique houses, looking over a beautiful clear blue sea. The perfect scenery.


We spent the majority of our time lounging around on the seaside, eating slices of pizza, ice cream and drinking excessive amounts of water.




Underwater cases are definitely a must on a holiday!



Please take in how clean the sea is!


This was definitely the best getaway after the hectic months we just had preparing and taking our A-level exams. We managed to get a week of pure relaxation without having to think about a thing, which I feel was really important…for our minds to relax after all of our hard work.


The decision to go to Igrane was made by my close friend Ruby, as it is the hometown to her childhood Au Pair. This of course came with it’s perks. Our first few days were spent staying in a beautiful ancient house, looking over the island whilst our self-catered apartment was being prepared. Being a small island we were only minutes away from the sea front. Our apartment had the most amazing view, waking up and looking out into the sea is really something special.


It was very cheap in Igrane, so we ate out a couple times during our week there. we had food at a beautiful restaurant and ordered to the middle so we could all share. personally I think that best, that way you can try multiple foods in one go.


On this night we decided to go skinny dipping but it was wayyy to cold, so a photoshoot took place instead 😉

In terms of touristy things…we didn’t quite manage to get much in, as we did spend the majority of our time chilling and winding down. We did however try zip-wiring in the mountains which was just amazing, although I’m sure my screams could be heard all the way in the Split.


I cannot explain how nervous I was to get on this thing!


Overall, this was the perfect first holiday, and will be within my memories for a very longtime… this year Ruby and I are planning to go inter -railing around Europe which I absolutely cannot wait for!

Amber Leaux

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