My weight loss journey…I’m still on it.

Weight is something I feel every girl tackles at least once in their lifetime. My weight has been an issue for me since I was about 9 years old. I was always the bigger friend of the group, which at such a young age I took no notice off, until I started secondary school. Also being a late developer I stood out more than others, being flat chested and fat was definitely not a good look. I was reminded more than enough times of my size during my five years in secondary school. I went through fazes where I wouldn’t eat, but that would only last the school day, as soon as I went home I raided that fridge aha. I realised that no matter how many pro- ana websites I looked at, I was now the type to have an eating disorder, I also realised that it’s not something you teach yourself to do which is what I tried to do.


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These pictures where taken when I was about 10 years old..a huge difference to the pictures below.


I first started to lose weight ‘accidently’. My cousin was/is a taekwondo athlete, and persuaded me to join my uncles club. I started taekwondo when I was in year 10 so I was about 14/15 years old. By the time I reached year 11, there was a huge change in my figure. My body started to find a shape; id developed boobs and had grown taller, and was finally becoming (in my eyes) a good looking girl.

The build-up to my year 11 prom was when I was first introduced to dieting, or watching what I ate. I wanted to prove to everybody that I was no longer the ‘fat’ girl. I trained three times a week, and really focused on eating well. It was also the year I was introduced to makeup properly, and the beauty of eyebrows!


This was the year of my prom, I was 16 years old, you can see a massive change right here!



The picture on the left was take in summer of 2012, the right hand side is 2013, just after my year 11 prom.


Since then I have really focused on my body and weight. This summer, I was the slimmest I had ever been; I even had a defined stomach! I know, hard to believe that down below is the same girl in the first picture. I think that working in a gym defiantly helped me, in 7 months I trained whenever I could, ate healthily and just looked after myself in general. And if I am completely honest the break up with my first boyfriend determined me to work harder, because let’s be honest, a hot body is one of the best revenges (I think anyway).


This was actually an image from summer of 2014..


And finally we have two pictures from summer of 2015, as you can see each year I’ve lost more and more weight.


Unfortunately, since summer (the picture above) I have put on about 9 kilos. All of my alcohol consumption in university definitely has not helped. However, as I have gained knowledge of how to lose weight over the years, it doesn’t affect me as much as I know how to lose it in a quick and healthy manner. I will soon be my summer self again!

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